10 Awesome Responses From The Parkland Students Forced To Wear Clear Backpacks To School


This week, students at Stoneman Marjory Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida returned to classes only to be greeted with new, mandatory gear: clear backpacks, which were distributed to all students Monday morning.

Unsurprisingly, students weren’t happy with the new addition to the dress code, not only because it was an invasion of privacy but also because it indicated that the school administration missed the point of their protests entirely.

Here are the best responses from the Parkland students, who took to Twitter to protest the backpacks:

1. Sam Deitsch decided to tackle the issue with a dose of humor.


2. “This backpack is probably worth more than MY LIFE.”


3. Jaclyn Corin took it as an opportunity to further the March for our Lives cause

4. You knew there’d be at least one hit at the NRA.

“My backpack is almost as transparent as the NRA’s agenda.”

5. These students got particularly creative with their clear backpack protest.


6. Cameron Kasky decided to use his backpack to show how humiliating the new backpacks are for women specifically


He also took the opportunity to talk about women’s access to health products.


7. Ah, yes, the obligatory clap back at politicians


“This bag contains everything politicians care about besides money.”

8. Or, you know, one specific politician

We’re all looking at you, Marco Rubio.

9. Some messages don’t have to be complicated to be heard loud and clear.


10. And of course Emma Gonzáles, who had to point out just what’s so messed up about this whole clear backpack thing.




Keep speaking up, guys. You’re being heard.