10 Annoying Side Effects Of Adderall


With my senior year starting, I thought it would be entertaining to compile a list of fond memories associated with everyone’s favorite study companion, Adderall.


When people talk in the library—any other time it’s still pretty annoying, but when on Adderall (usually with limited time left to study) I honestly feel like Ronald McDonald with steam blowing out of my ears.


Snapping gum, chewing loudly, etc. Again, super annoying regardless, yet when you are on Adderall it’s like, WTF is your problem?


For some reason people always seem to think you have a bunch of free time to talk despite the fact that you have not moved your eyes from the screen once. It takes every bone in your body to look up with a half-smile and say, “Hey, I’m working on something; let’s chat later.” If you don’t tell them soon enough they end up on the shit list with gum guy.


The sweat. Unfortunately this is no one else’s fault but your own and your dear friend Adderall. It’s like every liquid you drank that week was hanging out in your sweat glands ready to free-fall the moment the Adderall hit you.


In response to #4, when you don’t plan ahead and wear a tight gray T-shirt. No redemption at that point; just have to accept your fate.


Facebook chat. I once read, “Adderall is like a loaded gun, and it must be aimed.” DO NOT GO TO FACEBOOK CHAT. If I am on Adderall and you are on Facebook chat. You are now my bitch. I will distract myself and say overly emotional things that are definitely better left unsaid.


When it’s 4:31 AM and you think to yourself, “You know what would be a really good use of my time? Writing a listicle about the annoying side effects that come with Adderall to submit to Thought Catalog instead of writing your midterm assignment.”


In response to #6 and #7 when you realize it’s 4:33 now and NO ONE IS ON FACEBOOK CHAT.


Diarrhea. Couldn’t leave this one out. I didn’t want anyone to think they were alone in this, but seriously WHY?! The library bathrooms are already gross enough; why would you send me down that path?


The Blah. You just get to this point, where you body is still moving but your brain isn’t really functioning and sleep doesn’t seem possible. There really is no proper way to describe it. You just want to sit or lie down or do anything that doesn’t involve thinking.